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  • Update on my Bucket List (Repost)

    9th May 2020 by

    Hello Everyone!In 2018 I did a post on my Bucket List. One of the things on my Bucket List was to go to a Spa Day. For my 23rd Birthday I was gifted Spa Vouchers to use at Five Lakes in Colchester, Essex. In March 2019 I went for my Spa Day. The treatments I… Read more

  • My Bucket List (Repost)

    2nd May 2020 by

    Hello Everyone! I originally wrote my bucket list in 2018. This is what I wrote and I would still like to do these. There are many people who have a bucket list which details what they would love to achieve. Here are my 10 things on my Bucket List!1. Travel to ItalyItaly is a beautiful… Read more

  • 5 Things to Keep you Busy in Lockdown

    18th Apr 2020 by

    Hello Everyone! The current situation in the World is new for everyone and it takes some getting used to, not being able to go out to see family and friends and staying at home all the time. I will be honest in saying the first week of lockdown I found it difficult to adjust, but… Read more

  • Anxiety My Story (Repost)

    30th May 2020 by

    Hello Everyone, This is another repost from my previously blog account. I originally wrote this in March 2018 and I will keep what I have written as it is. I will do another update on my Anxiety in a future upload. It’s hard to know where to begin, talking about my anxiety. It’s been a… Read more

  • Lush Collection/Faves

    23rd May 2020 by

    Hello Everyone! I have to admit I’m quite a fan of Lush and their different products. What started off as just an interest in bath bombs has now expanded to their bubble bars, hair treatments, face masks and shower scrubs. Here are some of my current Lush products and my favourites. The Comforter Bath BombThis… Read more

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