Over the past few years I have been budgeting my money in a variety of different ways. Today I wanted to show you how I have decided to do it this year.

This year I bought my budget planner from AMAZON and it is from a brand called GOGIRL. One of the things that drew me towards this planner was that there isn’t a specific date that it starts on and that it blank so you can start it whenever you like.

The first thing that I do is write down my bills for the month, so for me this includes; car tax and insurance, rent, phone and gym membership. I also include in this the money I want to put into my ISA, as I want to make sure that I put money into that account each month. I then work out how much I have left after bills. I do this by taking my income and subtracting the total amount of my bills. After this I separate my month into either 4 or 5 weeks and set myself a budget for each week then for petrol for the month. The money that I then have remaining from this then goes into savings.

In my budget planner there are a variety of different sections to fill out and there is also an Expense Tracker which is where I will track what I will spend from when I go shopping. Any money remaining also goes into savings. The reason it seems that I’m putting a lot of money towards savings is because me and my boyfriend are saving to buy our own place.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please let me know.

Stay Safe, Be Happy


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Hey, I'm Louise. I'm 25 and from Essex, UK. Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog.

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