After Christmas, as I was sorting out and putting my presents away, I decided to go through my make-up and have a good sort out. I went through each drawer in my organiser and also in my basket that I have on top. I sorted out which products I like to use and which haven’t been used and will be given to a family friend.

The first thing I organised was my nail varnish, as you can see I have a favourite brand, This being RIMMEL. Over the years I have tried a wide variety of brands but I find this one the best for long lasting wear and it doesn’t chip as easily. I also have two others which are from BURBERRY and & OTHER STORIES.

The second group I organised was my palettes. As you can see I love the brand REVOLUTION. I only have a small collection of palettes at the moment as I want to experiment with different looks.

I then organised my brushes. These are from a variety of places including Amazon and Primark and the brand REAL TECHNIQUES. I don’t personally think you need to spend a lot of money on make-up brushes as the ones I have are all good quality.

Next, I organised my lip products. I love a dark red lip and have quite a few in my collection. Some of the brands I have are AVON, RIMMEL and BODY SHOP. I also keep in this drawer my lip balms, which are TED BAKER, VASELINE and NIVEA.

Next up was eye products. My favourite brand is definitely BENEFIT, I find their brow products so easy to use and their mascara is also very good quality. My eyeliners that I currently use are from AVON.

The final drawer I sorted was my foundation, primers and concealers. I have a few favourite products such as the RIMMEL PRIMER and the COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION POWDER. I am still trialling the other products to see what works well with my skin.

What are your favourite make up products and brands?

Stay Safe, Be Happy


Published by lifeoflou

Hey, I'm Louise. I'm 25 and from Essex, UK. Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog.

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