The year of 2020 is now behind us and it can only get better, right?! For me, 2020 had a lot of ups and downs so I really hope that 2021 will bring great things for me.

I want to take the time to wish you all a HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 and I hope you all achieve what you set out to do, whether that is something big or something small.

One of my main plans for 2021 is to get myself a new car, although I think I will have to wait until we are out of Tier 4 for that to happen, hopefully sooner rather than later. Another one of my plans is continue to save money to put towards me and my boyfriend buying our first property together.

My final wish of 2021 is to be able to see my friends and family in whatever way possible, due to moving out in October 2019, it meant that during the majority of 2020 I was unable to see my family, I know it we all have done it to keep each other safe but I really hope that I am able to spend more time with them all this year.

Stay safe , Be happy


Published by lifeoflou

Hey, I'm Louise. I'm 25 and from Essex, UK. Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog.

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