A lot has happened since May/June 2020. I sadly lost my granddad in May and attended his funeral alongside my brother, 4 days after this I returned to work as one of the few initial staff to go back. Work for me has been very busy since then, especially the beginning of September. With my anxiety, I have been very worried about what is happening around us and I have been trying my best to keep it under control. I have been able to meet up with my best friend on multiple occasions and spend time with my family, which I greatly appreciate. I also turned 25 in September and was able to celebrate with all of my family. I was supposed to be going on holiday in May and June this year, which because of obvious circumstances, were either cancelled or rescheduled. Me and my boyfriend were supposed to be going to Jersey at the beginning of October but our flights were cancelled so we hope to now go next year. We then booked a Haven Hideaway Holiday, which got cancelled last minute due to the UK going back into the lockdown. We really haven’t had much luck with being able to get away this year. Let’s hope 2021 will be a much better year! This year has been positive in some ways too, I’ve been able to start saving up for a house and I am so proud I have been able to achieve this.

What has your 2020 been like for you?

X . Louise . X

Published by lifeoflou

Hey, I'm Louise. I'm 25 and from Essex, UK. Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog.

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