Hello Everyone!

I originally wrote my bucket list in 2018. This is what I wrote and I would still like to do these.

There are many people who have a bucket list which details what they would love to achieve. Here are my 10 things on my Bucket List!
1. Travel to Italy
Italy is a beautiful country, there are so many places to visit and of course the lovely food!

2. Have a Spa Day
I’ve never had the chance to go for a spa day! I would love to do this just for a day to relax and to treat myself!

3. Own my own house
I would love to own my own house and decorate it to how I would like. I already have many interior ideas of what I would love my home to be like.
4. Become a mum
Working in childcare has given me a big insight in to looking after children. I would one day like to have children of my own.
5. Learn to play guitar
I already own an acoustic guitar and would love to learn how to play it well.

6. Sing at a recording studio
I love to sing! It would be amazing to be able to spend time in a recording studio and record a song!

7. Raise money for charity
I have done charity work before but would love to raise a lot of money for Diabetes UK! It is a charity that has supported me in the past and I would love to raise money to support the charity.
8. Achieve my ideal weight
I have battled for years with my weight and I would love to be at a weight that I am happy with and can maintain.
9. Learn to dance
I’ve always enjoyed dancing, but had to stop years ago due to an injury. I would love to learn a style of dance that I could continue to do!

10. Visit a water park
When I was younger I always wanted to go to a water park but never had the opportunity to. I’m not the biggest fan of rollercoasters but a water park sounds fun to me!

X. Louise .X

Published by lifeoflou

Hey, I'm Louise. I'm 25 and from Essex, UK. Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog.

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