Hello Everyone!

The current situation in the World is new for everyone and it takes some getting used to, not being able to go out to see family and friends and staying at home all the time.

I will be honest in saying the first week of lockdown I found it difficult to adjust, but I have now found it a lot easier as the weeks have gone on.

Below I will be giving you some ideas of what you can do to keep yourself busy while at home.

1. Baking

I have always enjoyed baking but don’t often have the time to do it. Spending this amount of time at home has meant that I have been able to do this. One of the things I have made is a traybake. It was a basic sponge cake recipe with icing and sprinkles on top.
When baking it doesn’t have to be something complicated, we have also been making some easter nests. All we needed was shredded wheat (you can use rice krispies/cornflakes if you wish), melted chocolate and some mini eggs to decorate.

2. Couch to 5K

I have began incorporating the Couch to 5K as part of my daily exercise. I will sometimes just go for a walk and other days I will do a Couch to 5K run. I make sure that I keep my distance from other people that I see when I’m out. I am currently on week 2 and it is going well so far!
Spend time creating your own playlist on your phone to get the perfect running tracks for you. Each session lasts 30 minutes and it gives your mind something to focus on. I have also been tracking my runs on an app called Strava so I can see how far I have ran and what my pace is.

3. Arts and Crafts

I have recently been enjoying doing Diamond Art. I ordered mine at the beginning of the year and I have now been able to take more time in trying to complete it. I have also been doing some cross stitch.
Spend some time doing something creative, whether that is drawing, colouring, painting or something more.

4. Spring Cleaning

Now is the perfect time to have a sort out and a good clean. Pull out the furniture you don’t usually move and sort through each thing that you find. Even the drawer full of random bits and pieces that everyone has in their kitchen! I have already sorted through my make-up and toiletries and I next want to sort through my clothes.

5. Trying out New Recipes

I have enjoyed trying out some new recipes and cooking more meals from scratch now that I have the time to do this. I have made a Cottage Pie and I tried making the Dalgona Coffee for my boyfriend, something I haven’t tried before.

Please tag me on Instagram in what you have been up to and what you have been doing while you have been in lockdown.

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X . Louise . X

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Hey, I'm Louise. I'm 25 and from Essex, UK. Welcome to my lifestyle and beauty blog.

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